Dogs On Board

The dogs love Seahorse and really do not act much different than when they are at home. Truchas is nosy as usual, keeping track of all of the people that go by. They have their favorite spots just like at home. They roam around looking for dropped morsels of food, play tug-o-war. It’s all the same, but they go for dinghy rides instead of car rides…. Bella’s says that’s the way it should be! She drools in a car, but let’s her ears flap in the wind in the dinghy. They love being under way in calm conditions, they walk around the decks and stick their heads in the wind and just take it all in. Ofcourse, they do not like rough weather, but they get through it fine. They use a potty pad as a last resort if at all… we are still working on this one…But all and all it’s home and they love the rare places that they get to go and are so eager to check out new shorelines and towns.




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