SAILING From NC To Bahamas

Ok, time to get caught up with the blog. I call it the 4 S’s. Too much salt, sun, sailing, and slow wifi.

We ( Travis, Mary Helen, Ryan & I… and Truchie and Bella) left New Bern, NC for The Bahamas on Friday, December 1st. Two days before we left, I picked up a sailing magazine and randomly flipped to a page. It was a story that began with these words: Never Leave on a Friday and Never Leave Past November.  Whaaat! Why did I have to read that! The article went on to be a horror story where the crew eventually abandoned ship and lost the boat… the seasoned crew. Again, why did I have to read this?

Nevertheless, we left the dock on a blissful morning at sunrise, a Friday morning in December.  The ingredients for this trip ended up being fish, a glorious spinnaker run, mostly nice weather with a dash of rolly seas and an evening of squalls.

We had our share of polarities, but aren’t most sailing trips like that? Our first night was an absolutely beautiful calm night with a bit of a schizophrenic sky; a spectacular sunset was unfolding on one side of the boat while the moon rose on the other.


This gracious sky then gave us an encore with an epic star show. Two evenings later, we spent the night in the cockpit wide-eyed, dodging squalls and riding one out that recorded on our wind instruments at 50 knots.

I am not certain whether it was our second or third day anymore, but I am certain that we had the most beautiful spinnaker run anyone could ever ask for. We sat back and enjoyed the ride ALL DAY LONG. There is absolutely nothing like a nice spinnaker run. Back to polarities, there is also nothing like a hectic spinnaker run! On our way to Spanish Wells we would then have the inverse of this fabulous spinnaker run… but I’ll save that for another post.

Our destination was to be Spanish Wells, but the wind just wasn’t cooperating as we neared Abaco, so we decided to clear in at Marsh Harbor and spend a few days in Hope Town before heading to Spanish Wells on the next good wind. Plus, what’s wrong with a stop in Hope Town!

Give the video a click for the full story and a chance to passage without having to get sea sick or score a few bruises 🙂




  1. I love your adventurous stories Mary. You are a good author. I have to say you and Travis are very brave to set out on trips like this one. Safe travels.


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