Cruise 2 – Is Darth Vader Too Small Or Do We Have Too Much Stuff?


I screeched into the driveway a few hours later than Travis wanted to actually leave. In my defense, I had to finish a lot at the office before I left and my beloved had pushed our departure two days ahead of schedule. So I am not 3 hours late. I am actually 45 hrs early.

     Still we hastily shoved our food into our mouths and started filling up Mary Helen’s car which was chosen for our departure. Travis would need both mine and his when traveling back to Brevard…. Thank you to our friend and boat master, Bill, for keeping her in his care while we are away….
     As we are filling up Darth Vader, Travis suddenly announces with exasperation, “No more will fit! We have too much stuff! Some of this will have to go!” He doesn’t get upset much so when he does, it comes out fairly dramatic….Knowing that my clothes aren’t even in the car yet (he doesn’t know this) and the plants that I have chosen to take along are also not in the car yet, I say firmly, “There is nothing that can’t go. We need all of this!” Mary Helen quickly offers up, “Let’s rent a van!” We both look at her as if she is out of her mind. It’s 8 o’clock and you can barely get a rental car during business hrs in Brevard without a reservation way in advance. I have to admit, it was cute and helpful and she was right, we could go to Asheville which is only 30 minutes from here and get one…. But we wanted to leave now! So we decide the car is just not packed right and Travis, Greysen (our nephew who is staying at The Cove) and MH start playing Tetris with the luggage.
     Honestly, Travis had the car half full with dock lines and and all kinds of boy stuff before we even had a chance to put our clothes and belongings in. Why do we have docklines here?! Point is,  we were going to be gone on Seahorse for the winter. I wanted my art supplies, my rollerblades (we will talk more on this later), etc. Mary Helen comes with books, ukulele, etc. Travis has docklines and all sorts of bits and pieces of Seahorse that he has brought home to tinker with and a large backpack of clothes.
At one point, Travis says, “Ok, Mary Helen sit down and we will have to put some bags on you.” Whaaaat! We actually have done this before on crazy grocery provisioning runs. All the kids sitting in the backseat covered in bags of food. Luckily they think it is funny and they laugh all the way back to Seahorse, but that will be the next blog, Provisioning. On a 7 hr. trip this plan seemed a bit inhumane, so we laughed and sorted a few more things around.
     So Tetris worked and the car was looking much better. I felt like this was a good time to sneak out my clothes that I had in a very large, three foot tall hamper. Whaaaat! To avoid a drawn out conversation with Travis at this hour, about how I packed too many clothes, I just decided to put them all in one of those massive, heavy duty lawn and garden trash bags. It would smush into a place better too. I handed this off to MH as Travis was doing something else. Knowing my predicament without having to speak about it, she quickly found a spot for it.
     My dreams of taking a bunch of orchids from the Greenhouse was obviously unrealistic at this point
and my heart sank as I also realized I was not fitting my Double Tab Lyra inside Darth Vader either….which was still hanging in its rigging. …I already had the Single Tab on Seahorse; otherwise, I would be playing with a ladder and tying a Lyra to the roof of Darth Vader while arguing with my sweet husband  🙂
     Mary Helen and I grabbed a handful of tiny plants from the Greenhouse and stuffed them in the glovebox and cup holders of Darth Vader. I love plants. We hoped Travis wouldn’t notice.
     We made the dogs a bed on the passenger seat floorboard and we were off with one stop in Asheville to drop off my car. The dealership is conveniently located across from the airport which is awesome for Travis flying back and forth.
     As my mom would say with a clap of her hands, “And Were Off!” … Our journey had begun. The last month was a blur transitioning our lives from land to sea. We were finally on our way. Every second of every day was getting closer to this. Our land lives receding through the back window as we drove to Seahorse to begin this journey of the unknown. Sure we had some plans, but we had no idea how they would all come together. Who will we meet along the way? What experiences will unfold? What will we keep in our hearts and minds forever and what may change our thinking? What can we do? Where can we go?
     That’s what is exciting about this. Yes, we love to sail. Yes, we love to travel… but picking up a new book, looking at the cover and turning it over and reviewing it with wonder of what lies inside… that’s the fun part. The wonder. So here we are, on our way, creating a story….

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