More Magic

Our Passage Home From Lucaya,Bahamas- Beaufort, S.C.

Magical Vibes, Stowaways and Warships

Part 2 : More Magic

Have you ever watched the moon set like the sun? I had not and it took me by surprise. It was our first night on passage, a perfect night with 20 knot winds gusting  to 30 and a magical canvas of stars above that could only be more interesting if Van Gogh had put a spin on them. It was on the edge of brisk, but completely beautiful. I was enjoying this wild and wondrous wilderness experience…trying to capture the dark purple water of the gulf stream glistening with luminescence in my camera lens….

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.38.41 PM


hmmm… you had to be there. It actually looks like fireworks in the waves as they collide against the hull of the boat.

I looked up and was struck by the big orangey-pink moon setting on the water. It took me a second to realize what I was seeing; as obvious as it was, I had never seen it before. It was midnight. What a majestic site. I felt energized and grateful for this beauty and adventure abound. I wanted to wake Travis up, but that seemed like bad shift etiquette. It would have to be for me alone.

Travis woke from his shift and sleepy eyed I went down below with Truchie and crashed on the settee in the “living room” but Truchie was wild eyed as there was much more noticeable movement down below than in the cockpit and the dishes were shifting side to side in their compartment in the  galley.  click…click…clack…click…click…clack . Truchie also hates the red lights that we run in the cabin at night. Unrelaxed, I realized how much I was enjoying the night in the cockpit. I grabbed Truchie, my pillow and blanket and we slept under the stars…. Perfect. I could even wake up and talk to Travis here and there. Except Truchie was still freaked out a bit and moved every 5 minutes; she just couldn’t be still and settle in. It was her first overnight on the boat and Truchie is afraid of the dark. At the house, she barks at her shadow in the night. Bella was comatose and in full snore, but hiding her face in the blankets, fully aware that this was an unusual world around us; however, anyone who knows Bella knows that Bella views the everyday world as unusual anyway… so no big change for Bella 🙂

Everytime I woke up (because of Truchie squirming) and saw the stars and felt the wind on my face, I felt as if I was in my perfect space. It was completely broken sleep, yet the best night of sleep. I actually enjoyed waking out of a sound sleep and witnessing  the awesomeness of my surroundings… our flag flapping with the stars overhead, the sound of the boat moving through the water, the wind with a light howl in the sails; it rained gently and I curled up tighter in my blanket happily. I awoke to nothing but sea and sunrise. Yes Perfect.

One hour into our passage, Travis announced that everything was magical. Indeed. It was magical.


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