Magical Vibes, Stowaways and Warships

Our Passage Home From Lucaya,Bahamas- Beaufort, S.C.
Part 1 : Magical Vibes


I was siting on the rail watching the sun sparkle on the gentle swells. It was 7A.M. and we had just completed our 2nd evening on passage. We would be reaching land today, dropping anchor around sunset. I had tears in my eyes. I was thinking that I would never have imagined so long ago that my life would wind a path to here….Sitting on my own sailboat traveling the sea, becoming so many things, but mostly more myself. One of the stepping stones that I had walked along to get to this destination was so clear to me.

 I grew up on the water, spending summers on our boat in Nantucket Island as a kid. I feel like the boating life is in me like a tide to the sea. It’s different what Travis and I are doing now. For one, we are on a sailboat which is very different from a powerboat. Still being on the water, experiencing the sights and sounds of this world, feels like home. We spent a handful of summers of my life in Nantucket on The Carrier before we moved South and my parents sold her and purchased a mountain cabin. Still those years on the boat in Nantucket defined my childhood, it’s what I remember most. I realize that my ease of living on the boat may be rooted in this.

 Travis and I have added a wilderness experience to the boating life. Joining in with a small group of people who travel the seas to far places and some who sail the world on thier sailboats. Will we sail the world? We’ve only begun, but we are hopeful and we have a good start.

 Sitting on the rail, I watch the day unfold. I felt awakened. It had never occurred to me to have a boat be part of my adult life. How did I forget? Or did it just seem so out of the box from my everyday life that I never thought to incorporate it?

  I remember thinking life is perfect in this moment. Travis and I, enjoying an intimate passage on our so loved Seahorse where we spend most of our moments together in the cockpit under the sun and the stars, witnessing the day become night and the night become day and over again. The sails look so majestic as they capture the wind and like a friend, steady us through the water. As I write this, the pups are asleep, husband is asleep, and a little Warbler just landed on the deck. My heart just melted at the grace of it all.

   I was awakened from my nostalgic moment by the sudden playful greeting of dolphins. One traveled to the beam at lightening speed and leaped out of the water and splashed on its side announcing its presence. The rest of the herd followed. I hurried to the bow and basked in the dolphin delight. My morning could only get better if a mermaid were to swim by.

The frightfulness of the big dark ship that we encountered in the night had passed and all was majestic again.


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