Breakfast with Barry & Kevin

     When I told him we were sailing back to SC … He looked at me with big eyes, and said, “That is really far!” then he paused and added, “Are you gonna make it!?” My heart laughed and my brain did not. The boy is smart, its not a silly question. He then added, “I hope you will have a good trip. I hope you have safe travels.”

There is so much left unwritten about our whirlwind season on Seahorse in the Bahamas, but first meet Barry & KevinIMG_1139

We arrived in Governor’s Harbour late at night, there was a festival of sorts going on in town at the edges of the anchorage. Sleepy and cozy on the boat, we enjoyed the sights and sounds of the settlement over Moon Downers on the boat, deciding we would spend a few hours in town in the morning before we sailed on to our next destination. We didn’t have a lot of time to linger, the lingering days of our trip were over, it was time to get the boat back to the states.

We sipped our coffee and watched the town wake up, wondering if we should just spend our time having a late morning on the boat, all was pleasant and too much movement seemed like a bother… Eh, but we really should go into town… I mean were here.


We decide to take the paddle board instead of the dinghy since it was secured in the davits and we would be leaving in a few hours and just have to take it back up… another bother. On a boat, the paddle board is like a bicycle and the dinghy is like a car. We only had one paddle board pumped up, so Travis, Truchie and Bella all hopped on one. I’m sure we were a sight.

As soon as we arrived on the beach, we were immediately greeted by Barry, a super sweet 9 year old Bahamian boy with a dog named Yellow Tape. I asked Barry what the dog’s name meant and he looked me puzzled and exclaimed, “Yellow Tape is a dogs name.” Oh right! Like Spot! Got it. As I said, Barry was super cute. He was amazed by our paddle board as all  Bahamian children are. He greeted the dogs and asked where we were going?

We told him we were going to walk around town, without hesitating he eagerly announced that he would join us. Bahamian children are so social. They seem to be uninhibited, unafraid and completely expectant of your attention. They are not taught to not talk to strangers. They live on small patches of land where their daily lives are lived in front of everyone on the island. If their parents are not seeing what they are doing, then their family, friends and neighbors are, so the kids roam around freely. Most people stay in their towns which they call settlements. We met some people that hadn’t even been to the neighboring settlements just some miles away. It is a small, safe world.

Noticing Bella was shy, he asked if he could walk Truchas. Truchas has been walked  by many Bahamian children. So Travis, Truchie, Bella, Barry and I walked around the picturesque harbor.


We soon came across Barry’s classmate ,Kevin, who was riding his bicycle through town. He had painted his spokes all different colors and was as cute and as friendly as Barry.They were 4th graders and it was clear that they left home on a Saturday morning free to roam and were expected home at dinner.

We happened upon The Perk and stopped in for breakfast. It was clear that our new friends would be joining us. The nine year old boys ordered Egg & Bagel Sandwiches and Iced coffees to drink! lol. It was obvious that the boys had never had coffee before. They took a sip and then immediately took every packet of sugar and all of the milk that they could find and mixed it in their cold glass of  adult juice that they had ordered. Taking another sip, Barry decided to take all of the artificial sweetener he could find and put that in his caffeinated concoction too. I was feeling very happy to run across these two that brought so much unexpected joy to our morning. I was also wondering what Barry’s coffee tasted like.

It was time for us to set sail and the boys had a soccer game. Barry was not done with his iced coffee and he was treasuring it. So Barry asked the girl behind the counter if she would put the rest of his iced coffee in the fridge so he could have it after the game. She looked at him annoyed. He persisted with a pleading face until she reluctantly agreed.

We said our goodbyes and Barry gave Travis a manly handshake and me a big hug. Kevin who was getting on his bicycle, put it down and ran over and did the same. These boys just melted my heart

While we were walking through town with Barry, he had asked me all of the normal cruising questions. Where are you from? Where are you going? What’s it like to live on a boat? When I told him we were sailing back to SC in the states, a few states up from Florida ( He knew where Florida was) He looked at me with big eyes, and said, “That is really far!” then he paused and added, “Are you gonna make it!?”  My heart laughed and my brain did not. The boy is smart, its not a silly question. He then added, “I hope you will have a good trip. I hope you have safe travels.”

We raised anchor and sails and waved goodbye to Governors Harbour , such a charming little town. We set a course for Current Island with a plan that would put us through Current Cut at slack high tide. It was a nice sail and we arrived just in time to blow the conch horn, Travis’ favorite thing to do, announcing sundown.





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