Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay is a cool little stop for cruisers along the Exuma chain, usually heading to Georgetown, otherwise known as Adult Day Care.. but we’ll get into that in a few posts. You will note quickly that you have entered the land of Mega Yachts.




You will find boats like this lingering around Staniel Cay and Compass and other posh surrounding Cays, but we did not see them anywhere else we went in the Bahamas and I should make clear we did not go to Nassau or Bimini. Yes we saw large trawlers, but not these giants. Some people get offended when they see these great white monsters, but I actually find them kind of cool. I don’t want one. I truly think we would have less of an experience in a boat like that, but I can appreciate every super cool curve and gadget.

Besides mega yachts, Staniel Cay is famous for The Grotto & The Swimming Pigs. Thunderball Grotto is super cool… how super cool? Well two James Bond movies were filmed here. Thunderball… you probably saw that coming… and Never Say Never Again and we all know James Bond is super cool! In fact, he would probably meet his next mistress on a boat like that!

We swam into the grotto. We got all nervous and pumped up… well me and Sandy atleast, with the thought of having to dive down and swim in, in, in… until we were in, on one breath. The alternative would be to pop up to soon and gash your head into jagged limestone… this is what the bahamas are made out of. It’s everywhere. It’s super sharp. You don’t walk without shoes unless you stay on the sand. Any ways, turns out we didn’t have to dive too deep or swim too far… and once we got in, we saw gaping openings above waterline where tour company’s were taking people in from the other side. Snobby Sailor Remark Alert: these were mega yacht people and beach house people… cruisers would never book a tour…that would be like a cruiser taking a cruise…We dive down under jagged limestone, lol… whether we have to …or don’t know any better! 🙂

The grotto is definitely awesome and to be able to anchor outside of it and swim in off your boat is nothing less than luxurious. Forget the diamonds. My jewels are experiences like this. (I’ll take diamonds too! :)… but not in place of this!)


The next day, Sophia headed to Black Point for some provisions and we stayed another day with Bel Canto. We hopped in the dinghy to go hunt dinner at a nearby Cay and to see the swimming pigs. The Cay, I think called Sandy (there’s a lot of Cays called Sandy BTW)  was beautiful, undeveloped, untouched and in need of nothing and to my surprise there was a grand cruise-like Mega Yacht anchored off of it and the crew was RAKING the sand so the guests could enter the island with some sort of dignity, I guess.    … Oh wow, to each their own, right?! We actually made A LOT of jokes about the sand needing to be raked for us each time we went to a beautiful beach, lol.

Dinner was denied. Seems that all the fish were hanging near the Grotto where it is prohibited to fish. Turns out fish are pretty smart…Turns out pigs are pretty smart too because there is a whole family of them living on a beautiful beach in the Bahamas; although, no one rakes the sand for them 😦 Poor Pigs. There are a few stories lingering about the pigs… came off of an old Spanish Shipwreck, they were brought here for annual pig roasts (this seems likely), ect… But today, people do not eat the pigs. No, in fact, they serve the pigs food and people anchor right off of Big Majors to be one with the pigs. They are REALLY CUTE! They will swim out to your dinghy and beg for food like big dogs. This little fellow followed us for about 5 minutes (video to follow in who knows how long… I mistakenly left it on the boat in Georgetown) They are very good swimmers. The others were stuffing themselves like pigs on a feast that was left for them on the beach. I think it was a person with an apple in his mouth…


I will have to post the video. No one should miss our dear friend Dave’s Pig Call…. Chew-Wheee! Chew-Weeee!

Next Stop Farmers Cay, don’t be fooled like us, Farmer’s Cay is not what it seems… during the Five F Festival….

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