Warderick Wells To Staniel Cay

Warderick Wells to Staniel Cay

Bel Canto, Sea Horse & Sophia


Warderick Wells was a place that hushed my desire to see the next big adventure. I could have easily stayed another few days, weeks, or a lifetime. It was a landscape mixed with drama and beauty, a remote mooring field seemingly in the middle of nowhere… where tall, rugged rock walls stand stark among the jeweled waters.

As we approached the mooring field, a thin horse-shoe channel fit snug in a sandbar, Travis and I got into “our places”… I looked around in disbelief at the wilderness that surrounded us. The water was choppy that day, so as I had the bow into the wind so Travis could lower the main on deck, we were burying the bow into the water, so I had to focus on staying in the wind so that he could get the sail down swiftly, but the scenery was truly distracting.

Ryan came out in the dinghy to welcome and support us as we picked up our moorings.




In tow with Bel Canto, We caught up with our dear friends on Sophia, Ryan & Kimberly. Bel Canto’s & Sophia’s mutual friends from Canada were also in the mooring field. Everyone hopped on Seahorse and it was a great reunion.


Warderick Wells is in the heart of The Exuma Land & Sea Park. The island has hiking trails swimming throughout the dense brush, dropping off at lovely beaches and meandering back through palm forests & poison wood patches in a somewhat random order. We were never entirely sure where we were or where we were going. Thankfully none of us got poison wood!!!… but only because we made it through the poison wood patches by making every effort not to brush our skin on this highly advertised menacing tree that was suppose to make poison ivy seem like a walk in the park. Interestedly, they say that the remedy to poison wood is generally found right beside the poison wood tree. We didn’t test this, we gingerly skirted by everything in the event we did not know it was poison wood or just because you would have to walk at a snails pace to constantly be looking at every piece of brush that you were passing by. The foliage in the Bahamas is very dense. Back home we bushwhack… There is no bushwhacking here. There is no space in between.


We learned that pirates (even our own NC Blackbeard) hid out in this cove-like space and waited for merchant ships to come by and then would ambush them. Now it is a remote place of luxury, where folks who have a lot of resources or folks who have learned to live with less, congregate together in this small mooring field and sip coffee by sunrise and cocktails by sunset…just like a pirate really!

Alas there is too much to see; so we sailed on. Next On SV Sea Horse, We head to Staniel Cay to check out the grotto and the swimming pigs….
















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