Heading South To Eleuthera

It is interesting and refreshing to spend so much time removed from the normal hustle and bustle and realize how little of what you think is necessary, is actually necessary.

January 24, 2016 (Happy Birthday Big Brother Dan!)
Settled into our day, we are in the Atlantic with a gentle swell. We sailed from Man O War to Lanyard Cay where we enjoyed a full moon.


We left Lanyard Cay in a welcoming sunrise with two catamarans, Elesto and Exit Strategy. We are motor sailing a bit as the wind is not strong today and mostly coming in the direction that we want to go. We want to make our destination in Eluethera before sundown which is suggested due to the coral heads peppered throughout the area.

Truchie is snuggled up in a blanket. Bella looks around in amazement at every detail around her while Truchie sleeps.


I am also bundled in a blanket and enjoying some coffee, writing, and reading. It feels like fall in the states. High 60’s and sunny. Travis is monitoring everything continuously and sits down long enough for a few sips of coffee and then starts scurrying around again. There is nothing to scurry about, but he loves to tug on this and loosen that, and to loosen that and tug on this…. eeking out all of the performance possible.

Our friends Dave and Sandy are in Rock Harbour Eleuthera and we are headed there now to meet them and continue south together where we will also pick up Sophia. We stop at Current Cut for the night so we can pass through in the morning at the next high tide.


We went to shore with the dogs and found a quiet little locals town with lots of Mosquitos and roosters nesting in the tree tops… did not bring my camera to town :(, sorry no treetop rooster pics. We were far enough south now that the weather was warm even with the passing cold fronts.

The next morning we pulled anchor and immediately headed through current cut. It was a bit scary as it didn’t look like something a 43 ft boat should pass through. “Why are we going through here!?” I ask Travis.  I am thinking it must be some sort of macho thing, but he assures me that it is the standard pass. It’s this or hours out of the way. The channel maybe slim, but it is plenty deep. There is a ripping current inside and we picked up a lot of speed as we were passing through. I helmed and Truchas, Bella and Travis were my visual pilots looking at water depths and for obstructions. We had no problems and it was very pretty.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.14.20 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.14.27 AM

We made our destination to Rock Sound and reunited with good friends, Dave and Sandy that we had not seen since before the passage in November. We hail from the same port in NC. We prepared together for the crossing, but we crossed at different times as they had to go down to Florida to pick up their life raft.

Dave and Sandy had dinner made for us as soon as we anchored! Score for good friends! We decided to spend a few days in Rock Sound then had to Exumas. This was the beginning of a fun journey for us. Always great to be with Dave & Sandy!



We headed to the Big Ole streets of Rock Sound and had a gathering of sorts on the dinghy dock. It seemed the whole anchorage was there in a process of coming and going. There were only about 15 of us anchored there. We all exchanged our stories and backgrounds and as we were talking with fellow cruisers, Dave and Sandy pulled up in a van from the grocery store. The grocery store actually picks you up at the dinghy dock and takes you back. This is unbelievably great! Score for Rock Sound! So we hopped in the grocery taxi and headed to the store, dogs and all.


We spent the rest of the day checking out the town. There is not much here and that is the charm. Completely removed from luxury and modern “necessities” … You won’t find any tourists here, just locals and a handful of cruisers. It is interesting and refreshing to spend so much time removed from the normal hustle and bustle and realize how little of what you think is necessary is actually necessary.


There are a handful of restaurants in town, a really good grocery store (by Cruisers Standards not Landlubbers Standards.), and of course a haunted house, because you know, doesn’t every town have a haunted house.



Travis, Dave and I set out for a snorkel the next day and were rewarded with some lovely fish!

We also were graced by a giant crab in which Dave and Travis were not really sure how to approach.


No Dave, that’s not it.

Here’s the Crab Hunters In Action. This video is  PG 13 and not for the easily offended…


I do believe they are certified crab hunters now. I was highly entertained.

I took pretty pictures while they caught dinner





The next day the wind was switching directions, so our neighborhood picked up and migrated to the other side of the anchorage for more protection. This was a really interesting process to be part of. I mean on land, we do not all move our houses to the other side of the community when the wind blows hard, but at 11 AM we all pulled our anchors and motored across the low spots of the harbour at high tide like a parade and settled back into our day.


While enjoying our fresh catch, Sea Horse and Bel Canto made plans to head to Exuma the next day. We wanted to head to Shroud Cay, but the wind direction was going to make it a terrible beat so we skipped off to Warderick Wells. Our friends Kimberly and Ryan from Sophia were there and we were looking forward to catching back up with them in a few days anyways.

The moment we entered Warderick Wells I was in awe. It was absolutely stunning. When we headed into the mooring field, I was completely distracted by the stark beauty around me. As I lined the boat up with our mooring, I just couldn’t stop stealing glimpses of scenery that looked like it had just popped out of the pages of a travel magazine and fell  right before our bow. Now it is all so beautiful, but the landscape here is just a bit more dramatic and it all falls so short in pictures no matter how beautiful it may look in the photograph. This seemed like a perfect home for a few days…



Comments and likes are welcomed. Thanks for sharing our travels with us!


  1. Travis and Mary,
    Enjoyed very much reading your comments aboard the Sea Horse. My parents use to be avid boaters and used to keep their Carver “Endless Summer” in Hilton Head. I miss the days of being on the water as there is nothing like it…beautiful sunrises and sunsets as well as the journey itself to different places. My parents had a dream to complete the inner coastal loop, but I think old age and anxiety caught up to them faster than they had planned.
    Glad to have stumbled across your journey blog. It makes me happy to see you guys enjoying yourselves as well as God’s beautiful canvas. Mary, in case you don’t remember me, I went to school with Travis at Mount Vernon as well as Samford with all the other Mount Vernonites. Travis was always helping me out at Samford by lending me his suit (I must have borrowed half a dozen times…lol) as I was a poor college kid.
    Wishing you guys all the best.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So nice to hear from you Boyd! Endless Summer, what a great name! We are thinking of heading to that area after the Bahamas. Come visit, maybe Travis can loan you a swim suit! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing our journey with us!


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