Let It Be and It Will Come Together


Sometimes you just need to be free and open in your mind, so that the necessities of your heart can unfold… Friendships grow fast on the water and many of us are beginning new chapters of our lives together. We recognize that we are sharing this new journey and unfolding together and each smile and the laughter that we share is the celebration of it.

….We only wanted to spend a day in Marsh Harbour and then move onward to our journey of heading into the Southern Bahamas, but we had a small boat repair looming that had a possibility of becoming a few day affair and nasty weather forecasted just after that. It wasn’t adding up, so without worry or force, we became open to an alternate plan unsure of what that would be and just went about the things we had to do, which were get groceries and contact the marina the next morning regarding our scheduled haul out and emphasize our desire to keep the boat in the water.


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.06.42 AM

We enjoyed a leisure pace of provisioning for groceries. Packs on our backs, we headed to the grocery store and made an unscheduled stop at a true locals road side shack for tasty ribs and a loaded baked potato. We were enticed by the sweet smoky smell in the air and agreed that we must have walked down this road for more reasons than one and entered the little restaurant. There were a few locals ordering food and we ordered what they did, certain that they knew best. The man in front joked with the woman behind the counter that it would be four minutes when she said 5. We did the same and were greeted with a wonderful plate of messy ribs and a loaded potato in less than 3. It is not that this was fast food, our timing was good. We sat down on the picnic table outside, the only table for the whole restaurant as it is mostly set up as a take-out. As we licked our fingers and dug through the layers of yum in the potato I couldn’t help but think that this was so much better than the dockside restaurants that are actually trying to cater to us with American foods and expensive price tags. Now I do like the luxury and the beachside bars as well, but I can take them or leave them, but I never tire of the roads less traveled.

                        Same with Bella who is carrying an empty potato chip bag


Bellies full, we carried on and got everything we needed at the supermarket and stopped in at the Asian market to add a little flare to our provisions.



Back at the harbour, We had dinner with fellow cruisers and the next morning the marina sent a mechanic to the boat and he was able to help us repair our shaft log in 20 minutes, leaving us with some great tips and general knowledge.

No haul out and free to roam, but where to? We had a day before bad weather so we couldn’t really get south just yet. We were thinking maybe we should just head to Man -O- War, a great little island nearby, and sit out the weather there. Our plans were immediately confirmed when our friends called us on the radio shortly after this discussion. We hadn’t touched base with them yet and did not know where they were, but were hoping to get some cruising in with them before they were headed back to the states for a bit in early February. They were in Man- O- War, our chosen place to sit out the weather. We were at the Jib Room where they had left 5 lines and a power chord. We headed to MOW with 5 lines a power chord…


Our first day in Mow was nice weather. Reunited with Orianna, we set out for a brisk snorkel. It was a really pleasant day, but the water was a bit rough which made the dinghy ride out more of an excursion. But we found a semi calm place to anchor and snorkel and we were rewarded with a bunch of fish, courtesy of Travis and Richard, the great spear hunters.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 8.45.50 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 7.40.05 PM

I just like to take pretty pictures and eat what they catch.

We enjoyed fish for dinner and great company with Richard and Karen whom we met earlier when we first crossed from NC to the Bahamas. Richard and crew had crossed from Virgina a day ahead of us. We now consider Richard and Karen good friends and a fellow buddy boat. Friendships grow fast on the water and many of us are beginning new chapters of our lives together. We recognize that we are sharing this new journey and unfolding together and each smile and the laughter that we share is the celebration of it.

The next two days were roaring wind and chilly temps in the 60’s. Whaaaa?! A big reminder to shake off our Abaco slumber and head south as soon as this blow was over. We comfied up in our boats mostly. Boats really are a nice cozy place. Though I do enjoy blazing hot bliss, a cozy day down under, listening to the wind roar while reading with a glass of wine can have its merits as well.

We braved the consistent 30 to 35 knot wind in the mooring field and headed to Orianna in the dinghy for sunset festivities and met fellow cruisers Jane and Jay who were moored next door in there Pacific Seacraft. They have such a cute story! It was a meeting of new friends and a goodbye of sorts as Karen and Richard were headed back to the states and we were headed south the next day. We finished the evening listening to a song their friend wrote called, I Have a Good Day Every Now and Then. Indeed it was.

The next morning met us with absolutely stunning, glowing seas.


As we were leaving the cut the next morning and heading out into a perfect swell, that very song came on the Satellite Radio. It’s not like I hear this song everyday, how goosebumpingly timely. We wanted to head south immediately but those few days of weather allowed us to settle in with Richard and Karen for a few good days.

Until our next journey! See you soon Orianna! Headed south for some new adventures and to reunite with fellow NC Hailers, Bel Canto and Sophia.

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