Dodging Jet Wash


We hopped on a small plane in Ft. Lauderdale to get our Doggie Family Members to the Bahamas. Isn’t it funny that Bella is too big for a jet but small enough to come onboard a little airplane 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 1.37.36 PM

The dogs were allowed to hang out anywhere in the cabin and can even sit in your lap. Bella decided to hide under the seat.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 1.37.59 PM

I really didn’t think about how small this plane was until we got in and immediately headed down the runway. It was an 8 seater, but only Travis and I were onboard. No co-pilot?! Whaaaa?! I missed this detail. I stammered through thoughts like.. This thing is the size of a van! What if something happens to the pilot!! … I could see it now…., “ok honey I got the helm, push that button.” …. Whoops! Whoooooa!…. “No not that button, that button!” …Just like on our race boat, Pig, when something goes a wry and were all screaming at each other to get the thing! Since I’m foredeck, it’s generally Rob and Travis in the cockpit shouting and I’m scurrying around the deck looking for the thing! “No not that! THE THING!” … Oh boy! This was not visions of sugar plums so I did my best to capture a thankful heart for the opportunity of our voyage and think about that as we buzzed above cars and buildings. I heartily grabbed a false sense of security as we left land and began flying over the ocean. Once we settled in, it was actually very interesting to be seated right with the pilot and it was very beautiful.


Curtis carried us safely to the Bahamas, later confiding with us that a large jet was heading into our air space. They had announced themselves as being much further from us than they actually were….Ahhhh Bahamian Airspace. “and that is why we had to duck down and turn off in the other direction.” Curtis said. To which Travis replied, “oh is that why you did that? I thought you were taking us down and showing us the blue hole!” I thought the same. We went really low and flew a large circle around the ocean floor.

It was really pretty, but I am glad I didn’t know why we were doing that at the time! So all the while Travis and I are like, “oh how nice, a tour of the ocean!” Apparently If we were to close to the jet, “The Wash” could have sent us out of control and even flipped us! Thank you Curtis for your quick and poker faced maneuvers! We were through customs in 5 minutes in the private airport and they had already hailed a cab for us and had our luggage in it with the dogs and we were whisked away to Seahorse just seconds after stepping foot on the ground.



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