When what’s wrong is what’s right

It would seem that The Bahamas would be a fairly easy place to get to. IMG_1906It’s just off the coast of Florida which is never a complicated place to fly. So what happens that makes it such a journey to get there? Turns out that there are very few direct flights, and direct seems to mean from Atlanta, Charlotte or Miami. Even still if you are flying from one of these locations, you are probably going to have to connect. It is not odd to have to make connections in Miami or Nassau and wait several hours at each stop (unless Nassau is your destination, but you will probably not find many cruisers en route to Nassau.) If you’re not on a direct flight, it will take about 7-10 hrs to complete your travel from Atlanta to the Bahamas; although, I have seen layovers that make the trip a 25 hr affair! Then if you are not going to one of the main islands you will have to take a small plane or a boat to your final destination, but all of this keeps it kind of remote and hard to attain. I like that. The truth is that nothing really functions quite right here. LOL. I don’t think they can entirely handle the traffic in the Bahamian airports. Like the credit card machines do not work and if you look surprised about that, they will look at you surprised that you thought they would be working. Always carry cash!  When you check your bags, they might tell you that they will not arrive with you. “Zoiks! What did she say Shaggy!?” That’s right the conveyor belt is broken along with the credit card machine. The woman at the counter tells me in a very nonchalant voice, “You’ll get your bags tomorrow”…. “Tomorrow?!” “Yes tomorrow”, and her face says, “why are you still standing here in front of me looking all surprised?”…. You realize that there is nothing you can say that is going to make any difference as you are looking at this person looking at you like, “why did you think the conveyor belt would be working?!” You will not be offered any kind of token for your inconvenience or any of the many things you might think you would be entitled to in America. My one last attempt, because my bags were full of Christmas gifts for the kids and I also had a paddle board that I was bringing for a friend…and I was feeling like we may never see any of these items again… I tried to explain to her that I would have to walk to the plane on the runway so couldn’t I just carry my bags to the plane and they could put them in the cargo compartment then… No it will be there tomorrow …. I realized that here, this is just not the big deal it is in America, you shouldn’t necessarily expect that your bags would be on the same plane as you, so I cheerfully say “Okay, Thank you” and ask directions to the gate. Fortunately security is not a big issue and we were able to have a taxi driver go to the airport and pick up the bags and deliver them to us. LOL. Now I’m not complaining. I’m really just amused and I know all of this is what I wanted. All of this really makes this place perfect! There are no big expectations here; nothing warrants a deadline. Yes, that’s what I want! …but I would recommend coming by boat!

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