Did You Know A Hand Saw Is An Instrument!?



The Jib Room in Marsh Harbour is Seahorse’s home right now and they were geared up for a party when we arrived. Every Saturday night, the Jib Room throws a party and it’s the place to be. They make a big bbq and there seems to be an endless supply of rum pouring out of the bar. This is a good recipe for getting everyone lighthearted for a little jam session. Jason, The Jib Room’s main man, breaks out a bag of instruments for everyone to share. This includes the usual suspects…cow bells, morracas, a gourd and… a few saw’s? Jason picks up a saw that says Ace Hardware on it and starts playing it with a screw driver. Travis grabs himself a saw and a screwdriver and follows along. I reach for a cowbell. We dance around with Jason and play our instruments. Lilly hops right in there and grabs herself a saw and a screwdriver too and then another couple hops in and the woman plays a gourd and her husband is dancing beside her laughing. They look bewildered about the experience and I understand this because I was feeling the same way! I hopped around with my cowbell all night. I’m all about the cowbell! Mary Helen and Kate eventually joined in with saws and morrocas and Lauren laughed and took pictures of us all.This was a very funny and unexpected way for us to settle into our first night!








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