Were going to need a bigger box


Every time I leave Seahorse; I feel a bit of panic, as if I am leaving my children or dogs behind. I worry that she will be alright…Will she have to weather a bad storm, what if something major breaks and nobody notices right away, what if someone steals from her… What if…

The truth is that I feel homesick for her immediately. Who would know you could bond with a boat. Though I have long accepted that I have bonded with my mountain bike…. Taking care of it and sheltering it from the conditions when not in use, caring more about it after a wreck than myself because I do not want to lose the freedom that she gives me, feeling united as we fly down a hill or surge up a mountain, and giving thanks to her when she endures all of the chaos and keeps me safe. So I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that Seahorse feels like a companion. Like my bike, she endures the chaos, but of sea rather than land; and like my bike, she safely carries us towards adventure, but we do not shelter her, she shelters us. She is our steady companion, our gracious host, our home.IMG_1718.JPG

Lilly had her 10th birthday on Seahorse, we put a candle in all of her meals so she would have extra birthday wishes… she wished for a bag of dried cranberries and a private island.

      Home is where the heart is.
Yes, an old cliche saying, yet isn’t it true, and my heart is on Seahorse…Traveling around in the blue water’s of the world…stopping by distant ports to meet friends that we could otherwise never know,


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to experience cultures that we could only catch someone elses glimpse of by conversation or some form of media… Discovering all of the surprises around each bend as we experience all that has been painted on the canvas of this earth.


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