Summer Vacation On Seahorse

July 2015

We set out on an extended trip with Mary Helen and Lilly… and Truchas, Bella & Weezie. I really can’t properly express how cool it is to cruise on the boat with the kids and see Dolphins and dig for clams on the beach, and be totally disconnected from an ordinary routine and just “be” with them. Theres no big agenda, yet there’s fascination abound! We can give our kids money and stuff, but this is better…and as long as they have the latest iPhone, then I think they agree too ūüôā


¬†We set out for Cape Look Out, this is really one of my favorite places. It is super special. All that surrounds you is nature in abundance.¬†I am all about that. In fact, I recognize that I need a good dose of that regularly in order to feel centered…¬†We hung out at Cape Look Out for close to a week.


¬†There was an entourage of beautiful jelly fish. I mean a crazy amount. I would find it hard to believe that this area of NC is not thriving with the amounts of Dolphins, jellyfish, and birds that we see… amongst the countless sand dollars we have found.¬†



     We then made our way down to Wrightsville Beach. After the solitude of Cape Look Out, Wrightsville Beach was a fun hangout. It has a great anchorage in town complete with dolphins and cool little restaurants and  stores. All in dinghy and walking distance. I should note that Travis and I had the hardest paddle of our lives on the paddle board! I had Lilly and he had Mary Helen. It was BLOWING! I questioned whether we were going to make it back to the boat without an incident! LOL. We did and we got quite a workout! One lucky morning, I hopped on the paddle board and found dolphins!


¬† ¬†There was three of them and I was chasing them around the anchorage like a lunatic with my little Toto on the bow. I’m not at all afraid to make an ass of myself.¬†

      We hung out in Wrightsville for a few days then headed out to meet Grandnudder down in Carolina Beach. Mary Helen used to have a hard time pronouncing Grandmother.


¬† ¬† ¬† Carolina Beach was a great place to take the kids. It was like a quaint version of Panama City. It’s small towny and the locals are super friendly like southern mountain town folks, but they throw a good party. There was a blaring party boat that went by the docks everynight.

There was also a permanent fairground. We happened upon two very funny guys who were taking their kids on rides. They were sitting next to us 3 rides in a row and I know for a fact that we are in their home videos. We all thought we were going to fall out of this one crazy ride that did not at all secure your body very well. We had a very comical screaming conversation regarding this as we hung upside down.

This ride was cool!


 It was a double ferris wheel with a beautiful view of the ocean. 

 We stayed at Federal Point Marina.


¬† ¬† ¬†This was a great marina! It is actually a members-only marina with a handful of transient slips. The members were very kind, helpful and outgoing to us. After we had the boat secured, the increasingly friendly staff took off with our dogs and walked them and fed them treats and didn’t bring them back in a hurry at all. They were hanging out in the office with them. This is the vibe of Carolina Beach, the locals have a very unexpected and heightened level of friendliness. It was also a great stop for our 3rd week on board as there was endless electricity, water, awesome showers, a pool, and laundry facilities and it was a dinghy dock distance to the beach and town. Carolina Beach also has fireworks every Thursday night and our slip was front and center to the show. As was our aerial act, lol.



Grandnudder returned the kids home, back to school time already.Travis and I brought the boat back to New Bern slowly the way we came… Wrightsville to Cape Look Out to New Bern. I have mixed thoughts about how much school time there is and trying to smoosh good family time and big life experiences into weekends and holidays and summers…

 The youngest peas in a pod were definitely worn out

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