Our First Spinnaker Run

May 2015

I have heard some call it the The Divorce Chute. Others barely know what it is. Some have heard all of the horror stories and stay away from it entirely, and others feel that it is just a pain. All this can be true; we all know, we’ve heard the stories or have seen it first hand. Yet there is nothing like a beautiful spinnaker run…..

Now don’t get me wrong, I foredeck on a J24. I know that the spinnaker and everything that goes along with it, can be “A Really Big Deal!!!” … HaHa that’s for the Pig Crew 🙂

But on our cruising boat, were only gonna put the spin up in favorable conditions. I mean the win at the end of the day here is a great sail and a sundowner.. wait that’s the same as on the J24?… Oh ya, but it’s all about not being hectic or sketchy. I mean were cruising, we don’t want any Big Deals! 🙂

So when the weather is all Goldilocksy, we put up the Spinnaker. The coolest thing isn’t the dazzling sight that it is. It’s the quietness. All you hear is the boat slicing through the water. It is a mantra to me.

If you’re not flying your spinnaker, you should! … Oh and for the boys… it can be fast! There. Sold.


  A Boy and His Spinnaker





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