Starting to Feel Like Home…


                                    Seahorse & Moonshadow

October 2014

We took another long weekend to Cape Look Out Heading for Morehead City on Friday with our friends Donny & Dianna and their son Neeko. We are so fortunate to have such good friends and sailing companions in Donny & Dianna, they are so eager and fun and have seen it all with their three sons. A very cool and interesting family!




We cruised the Sea Food Festival and stopped in a few places for some beverages and a cruise across the dance floor. It was really windy and choppy on the docks that night. Blowing 30’s and gusting 40’s & 50. It sounded like the wind generator was going to spin right off the boat smile emoticon Our friends later told us that they weathered a hurricane, the eye passing right over them, winds of 130, I can’t even imagine… Okay my story is so much smaller now smile emoticon …. The boats were bouncing pretty good in their slips, but our boat was on a different dock which offered just a bit more protection, still we managed to break an old dock line that was cleated at the bow.

The next morning the wind settled down, but it was a really rolley ride to Look Out. I helmed through the inlet and out for a while. Travis set the sails and tidied up the lines. Wow, its a lot of fun and kinda nail biting going through those big waves, the bow was buried in the water a few times. I’m not scared when Travis is behind the wheel, but I don’t trust myself as much.

Truchie was a very nervous puppy. Weezie got sick and then was over it and slept the rest of the way there. I felt a little barfy after cleaning up after weezie. Being below deck is no good in rolly seas, but I felt better after a while on deck. We spent the afternoon at the beach and made some fish tacos for dinner.

More wind again the next night! The wind switched directions in the middle of the night and our anchor managed to jerk free and didn’t reset, so we got to cruise around the bight in 35 mph wind and moonlight and reset the anchor. Getting up to go to the bathroom is a pretty big deal to me, so this was a slight inconvenience. smile emoticon

The wind must have gotten tired because the next two days were glass. We had a lazy day on the beach Monday and I played in my lyra monday night and Tuesday morning. FUN!

The dogs absolutely love the beach! Truchie chased every bird she could and weezie was is always thankful when there are no trees for her to bump into now that she is completely blind. She loves digging in the sand.


Absolutely Love My SeaHorse and can’t wait to see where she takes us! Were headed back out with the kids on Saturday to Ocracoke!


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