September 2014 Our First Voyage!

Cape Look Out Days 1-2

We sailed our first official voyage on Sea Horse over our anniversary weekend! There is something so magical about being on the boat! So removed from the daily stuff, so much space to feel freedom, stretch your heart and mind.
We sailed from New Bern To Town Creek the first night. Sailed down the Neuse to Adams Creek to the ICW. We saw an amazing amount of Dolphins in the ICW! I think I will never be tired of seeing Dolphins. Their are so many in this area of NC! The ICW here is truly beautiful. Natural and full of wildlife.

We woke up at anchor in the morning in the mooring field at Town creek and I asked Travis without thinking too much about it…. Are we leaning? He looked at me with a blank look and left the room and scurried around a bit. I though… Oh god! Were sinking! Bring John & Connie back… we have not discussed leaning and sinking! LOL. He reported back that there was a 7 ft tidal change! Much more than we had expected! Our keel is 5.6 and we were in 5.2 ft of water, but the ground below was soft, the prop is enclosed by the keel and we had been told this story many times by other cruiser friends. So no worries- Hot Coffee, Breakfast and the tide was rising and we were floating again smile emoticon

Saturday was a beautiful sail. We had been told the Beaufort Inlet could be mayhem, like a washing machine of waves. So we hit the slack tide as advised and it was calm. Warm, Serene, Sunny sail in the ocean to Cape Look Out, we actually went off shore quite a bit and then went back just because it was so beautiful. I did yoga on the deck and then fell into a blissful nap of listening to the water and wind.

There were only three boats anchored at Look Out. We swam to shore and were met by two awesome couples that had been digging for clams. They live in Harkers Island and drove their speedboat out to catch dinner. They showed us how to find the clams and left us with a boat warming present of clams. Boaters are so fun. They are eager to hear your stories and eager to share theirs, enjoying each others company like old friends….


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