Puke, Poop & Waves

November 2014

… Ha Ha… Travis passed out a half of a Dramamine too everyone, but there was quite a bit of barfiness still on the boat! After making an announcement 10 minutes earlier that she wasn’t feeling well, Lilly calmly walked to the side of the boat… wrong side for her purposes… and threw up.

She was really cute and funny about it though. Mary Helen’s reaction to this was quite comical! She runs to the other side of the boat laughing and Eeeewing all the way AND lands her foot in Truchie poop that we were not aware that was there. I’m going to add at this point, that MH is a dog poop magnet.

So I have Lilly on one side of me with barf in her hair, on her face and various other places, did I mention she was on the wind side of the boat… and MH on the other side with poop on her foot, and we are all busting out laughing and in the meantime I can’t help them right away because I’m trying to keep the boat in the wind in 5 foot waves so Travis Fowler, who is on the deck, can lower the main sail. This is how sailing works. All or nothing.
No pics here thankfully!

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