November 2014


We got some wetsuits and played on some surfboards Saturday with the little bit of waves that we had and I so enjoyed that!! I can’t wait to do that more! It’s incredibly fun and just laying on the board and paddling out is even cool, its fun and beautiful paddling the board through the water, birds were flying all around, I found the whole experience to be awesome, not just trying to catch a wave…. which is good because i think I only caught like 3 waves:) I’ll use “caught” loosely.

They were good beginner waves in the way you weren’t gonna get beat up, but they didn’t offer much to work with either. I stood up on two but my timing was a bit off and the wave left me and I was standing on the board slowly sinking, lol. On the third one, I thought the wave was going to go away as soon as I stood up as the other two had, so I stayed on my knees cause I was getting a good fun ride…in hind site, that was the one I shoulda stood up on! Then the water really layed down and they started coming fewer and farther between.

We hit the infamous Howards Pub of Ocracoke… Did you see how big those burgers were Dianna Helbich! lol…. Then never having seen the infamous movie amongst sailors, Captain Ron, we all bundled up with hot chocolate and cookies in Moon Shadow and took care of that. There are so many similarities to how Kurt Russell and Travis Fowler approach sailing, lol… just kidding Honey! Your awesome and I get to do this because of you! smile emoticon

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