Kids First Trip!

934867_390234751129539_816850404275048589_nNovember 2014

A few weeks late posting, but just getting caught up from vacation! …..We spent an awesome long weekend with my ladies on SeaHorse. We learned that you don’t necessarily get to where you are trying to go all of the time in a sailboat. We spent hours crashing through waves on our way to Ocracoke and it became evident that because the wind was coming from exactly where we wanted to go and conditions were getting worse, Ocracoke was going to be a less than comfortable option and we would be getting in the inlet … where boats have heavily grounded, well after dark.

So, Travis made an executive decision that we would head to Town Lake that night and then head to Cape Lookout in the morning since Ocracoke would just be too far away, at that point, for the length of time that we had. The girls had a blast crashing through the waves though. This involved everyone on the foredeck practicing their best Titanic, “jack! I’m flying!” and pretending to surf. I love hanging out with my girls!

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