10661652_365180426968305_1091909474882397886_o.jpgSeptember 2014

I forgot to mention, right out of the marina on the Neuse River on Day 1, the halyard came off just as the main had reached the top of the mast while I was raising it. Doh! So… we got to use the infamous chair lift. The universal rule is the lightest goes up and the heaviest cranks. About half way up, I had a flash of panic and I told myself that if I wanted to panic once I retrieved the halyard, that would be fine. So I only thought about the halyard. But then once I got it, I looked around and it was so cool! We were idling along on auto pilot which looked really funny that no one was driving and we were moving, but it was better than shutting down the engine and drifting aimlessly and out of the channel. The armed forces were having a drill across the river and they were shooting machine guns at each other. The mast is about 50 ft and it really made everything look small, but the boat below looked huge and hard! LOL. Well now we know the lift works!

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