Day Four- Look Out To Oriental

September 2014


We hadn’t set up my aerial silks yet. Saturday would had been perfect, but we got in late and figured we would set them up the next day. Well the next day it was blowing 20-25! It was still 12 this morning, but I convinced Travis it would be fine smile emoticon We set them up not knowing how this was going to work out, but the worst that would happen is I would fall in the water… I didn’t fall in, but geez it was not like practicing in class or at the house! It was a chore to do anything, aerial silks are strenuous to begin with… But how cool to hang off the boat! I can’t wait to do this more!!
We headed to Oriental. What a cute little town. Its a major boating town for a town the size of a shoe box, many people begin and end their journeys and come for repairs to Oriental. We met a couple sailing with their young daughter Charlotte to the Bahamas then to the South Pacific. They were planning on homeschooling and being gone 2-5 years. Awesome!

Theres a marina/inn & restaurant, a cute coffee shop and a three gift shops and a West Marine Store.The neighborhood streets are adorable complete with old town wells that have been preserved. Going Home tomorrow 😦


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