Another Change Of Plans

Call Donny On The Bat Phone!

November 2014

The weather dictates your next moves and instead of learning to surf, by teaching each other… that could have been fun… Hey we have a board! We had to head back to escape the high seas and winds that were coming from a hurricane offshore. Oh well. Something to look forward to still!

We make a decision that morning, confirmed by our trusted friend Donny that we pretty much call all of the time when we are uncertain about tides, weather, I’m about to send my wife up to the top of the mast….you know everyday stuff like that.

Fortunately, it is everyday stuff to Donny. So we secure everything in the boat and pull up the anchor. It’s gonna be a little choppy today, but tomorrow and the next day would be really bad, we would have to stay anchored here, and we have work & the kids have school by Wednesday. More dolphins greet us just outside the bight and wish us a happy voyage home!

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