Ahhhhh, Cape Look Out

November 2014

We made it to Cape Look Out the next day, everything was calm and we were greeted by a ton of dolphins that we never did get very good pictures of. 😦 Its hard to get a good shot of a dolphin in the ocean.

   ….We fit 3 kids, 2 adults and 2 dogs in the dinghy and headed to shore. Cape Look Out is one of my favorite places to just “be”. Theres nothing here except for nature. No stores, no restaurants, nothing like that…. and the few people that are here with you, and I mean FEW, came by boat too. So it’s a very special place.10388100_390242041128810_8979995275744122641_n.jpg

There is no hurry or stress here; It’s separated from all of that. Everyone you meet is interesting and happy, a traveler if just for the day, and has a neat story and is just enjoying the moment. Places like this have a way of taking anything that has been preoccupying your mind and dissolving it.


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